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Please consider to help us by donating, as the server's costs are about €39 per month. More donations means better server performance. Click commands in the descriptions to get explanation. Click the PayPal button to pay with PayPal. Please note that donations are verified by hand. It can take a few hours for your tag to arrive.
  • Alpha (α) — €5

    Permissions of your current rank are included.

    Will be able to set 10 homes.

    Format messages with colour.

    Send clickable URLs in chat.

    Get lava particles around you on join.

    Able to join the server if it's full.

    Receive 1,000 claim-blocks.

    Teleport to your pets for free (/pets).



  • Beta (β) — €10

    Permissions of your current rank and Alpha are included.

    Click a player to ride them.

    Format and colour messages on signs.

    Can cut down larger trees at once.

    Receive 2,000 claim-blocks.

    Has no teleportion delays at all.




  • Gamma (γ) — €20

    Permissions of your current rank and Beta are included.

    Will be able to set 20 homes.

    Create buy- and sell shops for free.

    Jump high (double jump) with [Shift] + [Space].

    Receive 5,000 claim-blocks.

    Repair with a 50% discount on enchanted gear.

    Teleport anywhere (but warps) for free.



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