Economy at Survival Rocks

The tax percentage a shareholder (owner of one or multiple companies) has to pay over income is determined by the amount of different taxable items that the shareholder has shops for. Taxable items are any item, except, the following items will be seen as one taxable item:

  • • different Shield and Banner textures;
  • • colors (i.e. “Red Concrete” and “Blue Concrete” will be seen as “Concrete”);
  • • Deepslate Ore and normal Ore.

If you own shops that sell taxable items, you will have 0.00% tax levied over sold items.

And if you own warps, your next warp to set will cost 5000¢.

I want to share ownership of a company I own, how do I do this?

Company name:.

Total shares of company (10,000 default):.

Who are you sharing ownership with?.

What's the percentage of the company you want to give them?%

A command to execute will appear here once things are filled in.