Ranks at Survival Rocks

Most commands are found at this page.
Every time you rank-up, your /tppos usage will be reset, which means you can use /tppos once every time you rank up.
Required rank: Traveler
Required verification: Discord
Required to run /tppos.
  • Can create chest shops and a company.
  • /mail
  • /top
  • /disposal
  • /report
  • Can claim a plot in /creative.
  • Is able to rate other warps.
Required rank: Settler
Required homes set: 3
Required playtime: 12 hours
  • /closest
  • /workbench
  • /setwarp
  • Can create warp signs.
  • /broadcast
Required rank: Citizen
Cost of rank: 5,000 coins
Required playtime: 48 hours
  • /ding
  • Able to set 7 homes.
  • Can sit on stairs and slabs.
  • /repair
Required rank: Artisan
Cost of rank: 15,000 coins
Required to own a company.
  • /enderchest
  • Able to set 10 homes.
  • /sit
  • /anvil
Required rank: Magnate
Required playtime: 14 days
  • Can double jump with Shift + Space.
  • /me
  • Able to set 15 homes.
  • Able to teleport to pets.
Required rank: Loyalist
Joined at least: 3 months ago
Required to write an application
  • Able to set 20 homes.
  • No more combat waits.
  • /feed