Rules at Survival Rocks

(1) No hacking, cheating, glitching and alting.

No automatic hacks (commands, clicking, walking and such).

Don't use alt accounts for coins or to bypass a ban.

Helpful mods like Optifine and Minimap are allowed (duh).

Please(!) tell us if you found a glitch or bug.

Staff action: Permanent Ban

(2) No griefing, looting (stealing), or any of that kind.

Simply do not ruin other's buildings or crafts.

Do not kill animals of other players in any way.

Also unclaimed areas are not allowed to be griefed.

Do not touch nature or build close to someone's claim.

Don't build offensive structures near warps or public places.

No death traps allowed, or any of that kind.

Staff action: Temporarily Ban or Permanent Ban

(3) Please keep the environment as clean as possible.

Do not leave a place ugly after removing resources.

Keep villages clean, and replant crops in them.

Cut a tree completely down (no floating trees).

We don't check claims for these rules.

Staff action: Warnings leading to Temporarily Ban

(4) Do not advertise or spam. Limit swearing.

Keep the chat clean and friendly. Don't repeat messages.

Please stop being a jerk if they don't like it.

Staff action: Permanent Mute

(5) Please no overclaiming. Only claim your own builds.

Do not claim unedited villages, you don't own them.

Please don't claim the End portal as it's not yours.

Staff action: Warning, Kick or Temporarily Ban

(6) Limit redstone and animal farms due to lag.

One mob needs about one or two blocks space each.

Avoid fast redstone clocks and massive redstone work.

Staff action: Remove Excessive + Warning

(7) Do not stay idle for farming, grinding or rewards.

We will check on you and test your response time.

Fishing machines are allowed, just don't AFK at them.

Staff action: Kick or Temporarily Ban

(8) Don't lie or accuse someone of something if they didn't.

Generally, do not lie to accomplish something.

If it's obvious you used x-ray, you're better off being honest.

Staff action: Temporarily Ban