Rules at Survival Rocks

(1) Do not use any tools that affect gameplay.

No hacks of any kind: fly, x-ray, or otherwise.

Mods and macros that affect gameplay are not allowed.

Don't abuse bugs or glitches, but report them to staff.

Duplicating is only allowed for cheap items.

Staff action: Permanent Ban

(2) No griefing, looting or stealing in any way.

Respect what other players have built, don't touch.

Do not kill pets or animals of other players.

This rule is also active in unclaimed areas.

No death traps allowed, including via teleporting.

Staff action: Permanent Ban

(3) Keep the chat friendly and do not spam.

Don't advertise other servers in any way.

Swearing is allowed, just not too much.

Staff action: Permanent Mute

(4) Be fair with yourself and others. Don't cheat.

Don't use alt accounts for coins or to bypass a ban.

Do not idle for farming, grinding or rewards.

Machines that keep chunks loaded will be removed.

Staff action: Warning, Kick or Temporarily Ban

(5) Have respect for other players on the server.

Don't build offensive structures near warps or public places.

Do not build close to someone's claim without permission.

Abstain from aggravating others if they don't wish for it.

Generally, do not lie to accomplish something.

Falsely accusing someone is strictly forbidden.

Staff action: Temporarily or Permanent Ban

(6) Be mindful of others in terms of the environment.

Do not overclaim. Only claim your own builds.

Keep villages clean, and replant crops in them.

Keeping villagers alive is appreciated.

Avoid ending up with floating trees.

Staff action: Warnings leading to Temporarily Ban

(7) Limit redstone and animal farms due to lag.

Avoid fast redstone clocks and massive redstone work.

Lag-causing mobs: bees, villagers, sheep, turtles.

Do not make your farms too big when they're pointless.

Don't have too many farms or redstone in one place.

Staff action: Remove Excessive + Warning