Elections at Survival Rocks

Elections take place every two months. But what exactly do elections mean to the server? The server has a Parliament, which has three branches: - **Council** – includes elected representatives that create and vote on motions - **Ministries** – include selected players who execute passed motions - **Senate** – includes senators from parties who judge the realism of motions Mentioned above: motions. These are created by members of Council. It is often a worked out idea which they think should be implemented in the server. Basically, it is a suggestion they submit. After that, it is being voted on by other members of Council. Back to elections. Elections are all about the Council, and more specifically: its **11 seats**. You are going to vote for a party that will provide players to fill those seats. As mentioned before, these players will vote on submitted motions. A motion is passed (and later implemented in the server) if **at least 8 seats pass** it, that is at least two thirds of all seats. The order of players on the candidate list of a party is very important. The ones on top of the candidate list will be given seats in order of their placement on the candidate list, after the election. *Example: imagine if party A gets 30% of all votes in an election. That will get them 3 seats, and so: number 1, 2 and 3 on A’s candidate list will get a seat in Council, representing party A and its views.* But hold up. Elected members of Council can also split off from the party they were originally from, and not represent the original party anymore. They will then be able to submit and vote on motions differently. It is thus very important to pick a party with strong candidates as well. Anyone with Citizen rank and up can create their own party. The party will be electable if at least 3 candidates are selected before election starts. Party leaders can select any member of their party to become a candidate. See all parties that exist in the server here: https://survival.rocks/parties
Polling Stations

You can create your own Polling Station. You need for this: a button, hoppers and at least two voting booths. Then do "/polling-station" and click the button of your Polling Station.